Question Which gaming monitor to choose 500€ max budget

Apr 16, 2022
Hello ! this is my first post here.
I am building my first gaming pc, but i haven't decided on monitor yet.
I will use it for gaming (mostly fps shooters, competitive multiplayer games)
I will also use it for movies, tv series, youtube, maybe work too))
I want 27 inch flat or curved, 32 inch only curved monitor, 1440p and at least 144hz refresh rate, better if 240hz.
Please suggest some good models😊
Given your requirements, there is really only ONE display you want to look at. I mean, sure, there are others, but this is what you want, for the least amount of money, that is proven, and that many of us (Including me, because I have 4 of them. Three for my rig and one for my test bench. Yeah, getting one for the test bench was just a splurge, and showing off. Well, maybe not showing off.) It really IS an asset.

And right NOW, at an AMAZING price, about twenty bucks less than what I paid for each of mine, three years ago.,aps,90&sr=8-3
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