[SOLVED] which gaming pc specs is better?

Jun 9, 2019
my current pc specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate

Processor: AMD E-350D APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.60 GHz

RAM: Samsung DDR 4 GB (3.61 usable)

Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics

64-bit Operating System
as you can see they're really low end for gaming. so is this pc any better than my current one? should i buy this for gaming?


one more thing i don't wanna play any lastest games alright. just games from 2012. and sorry for bad english :)
You'll meet minimum requirements for CPU and RAM.
But you'll fall short on GPU requirements pretty much all round.

You might be able to play them at lowest possible settings - but realistically you need a dedicated GPU.
And a dedicated GPu requires an appropriate PSU to power it.
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You might get away with that kind of expectation - even then probably only on 720p
I would expect the APU to only really be suitable for indie / light games. Not open world / large scale games as stated.

Ultimately it is very low end, so it will be an improvement from your current setup, but don't expect much.
Personally - I don't think it's an upgrade worth making, and I would save up until you can afford a more decent rig with a dedicated GPU.
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