Question Which Gefore RTX 2080ti are better for Content Creation & which better over all. I notice there are lots of different brands and models unlike Quadro


Jul 23, 2018
I thought it was Quadro rtx 4000 vs Geforce RTX 2080ti...

Buy now Im coming across lots of Geforce RTX 2080 ti card made by Gigabyte, Asus, Evga, Zotac, Palit, Nidea, PNY, Blower...

How do I tell one from the others, which ones or ones are better, which ones are more reliable or long laster, which just have a pretty brand label and cost more for the same thing, noticing prices of ££several hundred. Whats the difference

I particular when looking at custom builds and the choice is Quadro RTX vs Geforce RTX 2080ti and they dont initial mention the brands. A Quadro is a Quadro made by nvidea but whats happening with the 2080ti and how do I not end up with a dud

How do I know which ones are good and which ones are rubbish when it looks like the same card?

This would be for content creation cad, video editing, visual effects 3d animation, modelling rendering encodeing etc Which are better for these and how are blower ones different to regular fans and can you get better 2 fan over 3 fan models?

Also heard some can make you money when idle from club computing... anyone tried that?

To go from display port to hdmi its just a cable right? but display port better?
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