[SOLVED] which GPON ONU is best?! please share your opinion.


Feb 16, 2019
1> TP-Link > TX-6610 1-Port Gigabit GPON Terminal.
2> Tenda > G103 Gpon 1 Port Gigabit Optical Network Terminal.
2> Bdcom > P1501DS Gigabit Epon ONU.

which one is the best for long run and data transfer capability?
First big question is are all three of these of the approved list from your ISP. The ISP manages and does stuff like firmware updates on devices like these in most cases. They will only allow devices they can support to be activated on their network. Be very careful where you buy devices like this from there are model that have the same name but have different optic modules in them.

In general it won't matter these are extremely simplistic boxes. All they do is convert the gpon (ie fiber) to copper ethernet. Even on models that you have some access to there is not much you can change. They have a serial number and password that you must get from the ISP if it is not already set by the ISP.

You will need a router plugged into them in most cases to connect multiple devices. It is more the router software function that would be different. The ONT is mostly just a media converter and there will be little difference in the performance. Now if you are asking which for example has lower hardware failure rates I am not sure where you find that. From what I have learned on this forum it seems these are mainly used in india. Maybe there are forums there where people discuss this type of thing. It is pretty much impossible to even buy or own the ONT device in the USA.