Question Which GPU for dual monitors that doesn't max out memory speed


Feb 12, 2021
Looking for a middling GPU (say 1440p at medium settings region) that will run my 2 existing monitors (3440x1440 at 120 or 144 and a second 2560x1440 at either 60 or 75) without running memory at max speed. I am flexible on refresh rate if I can get it to work properly. My current GPU (Asrock Phantom Gaming 3D 5600xt) will max out the memory speed once I turn on second monitor which jumps up the idle power draw, spikes memory speed and causes fans to constantly cycle on and off as the card lingers right on the edge of zero fan operation temps and fan spinning up. I borrowed a friends RX 6800 and had a similar experience so maybe this affects all current Radeon cards? I use this rig mainly for work and the very occasional game in like a 95/5% ratio. Is there a GPU that will run the memory at an in-between speed with multiple monitors? The only option that was somewhat passable was with the rx6800 I was able to run the fans at just 20% in Afterburner and they were inaudible on that particular card. My 5600xt will only allow for a minimum of 33% speed and is louder than I am willing to accept at that level.
@ 6000x1440p a middle range card is not going to offer much performance in your games.
probably under 30fps with even medium settings in modern games if you're lucky.
your best option here would be to disable the secondary display when gaming.

your refresh rate would need to be set at the lowest common Hz between the two.
one @ 144 and one at 75 would result in 75Hz across the shared screens.

if 33% fan speed is too much for you then you're either going to have to find a card with a much nicer shroud or move on to liquid cooling.

why are you so concerned with memory speeds?
the core speeds would be what would generate the majority of heat that would result in the fans revving up to max speeds.
with Afterburner or other GPU control software you can always limit your memory and core speeds to a certain rate.