Question Which GPU for Ryzen 3 1200

Feb 4, 2023
Hello, I need to upgrade, but I don't know what card, I would like to play newer games. I was looking at an RX 580 8GB or rtx 2060, can my cpu handle it? Thank you


Jan 2, 2019
given your budget constraint, and the fact you're coming from the GTX 1050 (and with a low-end CPU), i'd go with the RTX 2060. the RTX 2060 benchmarks about the same as the 3050, the 2060 is even a bit faster, and the 2060 is significantly cheaper: about $220 compared to the 3050 price which is closer to $300. So there's no reason to pay more for the 3050 for no advantage. the fact you're coming from the GTX 1050, the RTX 2060 will blow it out of the water but not wreck your bank account.

and yeah you won't get anything for $100 unless you go used. Maybe. And that's a dicey proposition i don't recommend.

DISCLAIMER: I have a 2060 and an older Ryzen, albeit a Ryzen 5 1600. my gaming fps can get up to 120 fps, depending on the game and settings, but I'm happy enough. although i'm struggling for some reason using it to train neural network it keeps throttling IDK why, so that might be related to CPU.
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Jun 30, 2010
That CPU is going to leave some performance on the table since it only has 4 cores and threads, so really anything above like a GTX 1660 Super is getting a good bit of performance wasted. That said, currently the card with the bast bang for buck is the RX 6600, better than literally every card that's been mentioned and cheaper. Currently on Newegg you can pick one up for $225 after a promo code or $240 without one. Regardless, avoid the RTX 3050, its a terrible value, the RX 6600(XT) or RTX 2060 are far better choices. I've included a link to the RTX 3050 review since that has all these GPU's in there. If you can find around $300, I'd get an RX 6600 and a new CPU and be set for the next few years. If your board supports it, even the much maligned Ryzen 5 4500 would be a huge upgrade over that Ryzen 3 1200, and it would allow you to get the most out of that new GPU. 5 4500&cm_re=ryzen_5 4500--19-113-738--Product
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When Ryzen first came out I picked up a 1200 and paired it with a GTX 1080. I recall seeing something along the lines of 1080p/75FPS with high to ultra settings in games I was playing at that time. There have been some years since then but would still feel confident in that pairing being good for 1080/60 with mid/high settings with many modern titles.
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