Question Which GPU should i get and will it be compatible?

Apr 11, 2019
I'm thinking of buying a GTX 750 Ti but i recently found out about GTX 760.

The GTX 750 TI that I could buy is made by Zotac.
Zotac GTX 750 Ti

And now I have two options for the GTX 760, I could either buy one made by Zotac or one made by Galaxy.
Zotac GTX 760 OC
Galaxy GTX 760 Mini GC

Which of these should i pick, and if i should pick the GTX 760 then which brand should i choose to buy?

Also will the GTX 760 or GTX 750 ti be compatible with my Motherboard and CPU?
Motherboard : MSI FM2-A55M-E33
CPU : AMD A8-5600K
The 760 is massively more powerful then the 750ti, however you need to have a decent 500watt or greater power-supply for it.

As far as Mobo support, yes as far as CPU support it may bottleneck alittle but still worth the cost if you can find a used one for a good deal over a 750ti. Another option would be a used GTX 960.


I agree. A 760 is much better and also think the CPU would bottleneck it a little but it's worth it.

Also if you use the system for gaming too (I'm assuming you do) you might want to upgrade RAM to 8GB as well.

Just don't add another similar or identical 4GB module to the existing Kingston one. Sell the one you have and get a single 8GB module or better yet get a 2x4GB kit to make it work in dual channel mode.