Question Which gpu should i get for Intel Core 2 Duo E8400? Please help!!!


Dec 10, 2017
Hello folks!
My brother's birthday is coming in 3 weeks, and he is a gamer, so am I. Now, he likes to play games like CSGO, GTA 5, Unreal tournament 4, newer versions of NBA, FIFA (2K15 alike), and some not so demanding browser games. Now he has a HP Elite 8200 computer with Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 4gb ram, and cpu's integrated gpu. Unfortunately, he is not able to afford anything more powerful, even the 70$ GTX 750 ti is too expensive for him. Therefore, I decided to buy him some better gpu than this integrated one. As it comes for the psu, it has not changed. It is Elite 8200's OEM, but I don't really know how strong it is.
As it comes for settings, he is playing at a 1366x768 medium or low, which is his resolution on the monitor btw. The budget should be just around 50$
. I want to clear out that I'm not minding to buy a power supply for the gpu as well.
So, what do you think? What graphics card should work best for him?

Bonus question: Since he has 4 gigs of ram, is adding 2 more gigabytes going to be a bottleneck?

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Are you sure the pc in question is an HP Elite 8200? Only models i see are Sandy Bridge based.

If this is the model, the psu is low wattage which means the pcie slot on the motherboard is most likely limited to 35w. Slot powered only models of graphics cards such as the 750Ti or even 1050/1050Ti require 50w. If psu has an 6pin PCIe external supplementary plug, it could possibly power 50w cards but i don't think it has one.

Gt1030 is an 30w card and just might be ok, just don't expect too much from it, even on low settings.

More ram, if the two together works, is always better.

See section regarding flex mode (bottom of page) regarding memory placement with different size sticks.
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