Which GPU should I pick


Oct 23, 2012
Hi, I currently have a gigabyte gtx 680 4gb when buying this card I thought I was ''future proofing'' with the 4gb card but now I am regretting my purchase and am very attracted to the asus Direct cuii Top gtx 680 this card only has 2gb of vram but considerably faster so my question is should I return my Gigabyte card and go for the direct cuii Top I am running only one 1200p monitor I bought the 4gb card because I heard that skyrim heavily modded can get bottlenecked by 2gb of vram but many of my friends have skyrim heavily modded with 2gb cards and they are fine I also heard that with the 256 bandwith that using over 2gb of vram would slow the card down anyway if using more than 2gb please help I only have a limited time to return this 4gb card thank you.