Question Which GPU to pair with a Ryzen 5800X3D at 4K?

Hello, I currently have a Ryzen 3700X with a 2080 Ti and looking to upgrade soon. I game at 4K and I would like to stay on AM4 socket with my 32Gb DDR4 b-die RAM so my best gaming CPU is a 5800X3D. My monitor is an LG 27" 4K60Hz but looking to upgrade to a 4K165Hz (Maybe a Samsung Neo G7), will my 3700X be able to handle 4K165Hz or a 5800X3D is needed? Is an RTX 4090 bottlenecked by a 3700X or a 5800X3D at 4K no ray tracing? I have seen benchmarks where even the 5800X3D is a big bottleneck limiting minimum fps to 71fps in Cyberpunk but I think it was at 1080p with a 4090, stronger CPUs were getting 100+fps.

Also for how long do you think I can hold on my 2080 Ti for 4K60fps DLSS Quality before its unable to provide 60fps? Currentlly my most played game is CoD MW2 I get 76fps avg 4K max graphics DLSS Quality but it it dips as low as 45fps during explosions. Nvidia driver updates brought my avg fps down from 83fps.

System specs:
Seasonic Prime Gold 1200W PSU
Asus Strix OC 2080 Ti
4x 8Gb 3666Mhz b-die Gskill RAM
Ryzen 3700X+PBO 1833Mhz Fclk
Asus TUF X570-Plus motherboard latest bios
1Tb Samsung 970 Evo Plus, 2Tb WD SN770, 1Tb Samsung 850 EVO

Let me know if I forgot something!



Apr 25, 2020
Should I wait for next gen GPUs before upgrading? When are they going to be released?
It depends on the budget. If you are planning on using the 5800x3d and want a good high end card, I would say the 4070 ti. Its 800-900 and is stronger than even a 3090 ti in most cases. most other cards for 4k gaming wont give you a substantial enough upgrade and are way more expensive than a 2080 ti for the performance.