Build Advice which graphic card to go with this build?


Aug 19, 2009
Some of you helped me build a non gaming PC for myself.
This time this build is for a family members who would like to game and asked me to help him.
Gaming wise, its going to be a mainstream gaming so no need for top of the line stuff. PC will also be used for general use as office docs and browsing with multiple tabs and browsers open. also, he will most likely not going to upgrade this PC for at least 5 years

This is part of the build I suggested to him. Feel free to make changes if you think there can be a better setup.

I didnt add a graphic card since I dont know which card would be the best for the budget. Rx570? RX580?

When add\ remove parts you need to make sure the total number at the bottom doesnt pass 3000. +100 - 150 extra stretch possible if its really worth it. Just click EDIT and you can add or remove parts

* Will the CPU stock cooler be enough if no OC is intended? Or is it better to go with the 2600x with the Spire? (price difference is $35 but also consumes 95W instead of 65W)
*He will also probably add his old 1TB Seagate HDD 7200RPM
*There will be no OC
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"Will the CPU stock cooler be enough if no OC is intended? "
I would try the stock and check the temps. I think there's a good chance it will be good enough if he's not OCing. far as the GPU he can run just about anything with that CPU but you say.....

"Gaming wise, its going to be a mainstream gaming "

That's pretty broad.

Although I'd say a good newer card for gaming pretty much everything at 1080p on ultra would be an RTX 2060.