Which Graphics card should i go with for my desktop PC

Jul 17, 2018
I have a desktop PC HP 6300 SFF PRO with i5 3rd Gen and intel hd 2500, i need to play some games on this PC, the iGPU does its job but i can`t play many AAA titles even on low? Thats given with the iGPU. I want to be able to play those (ESO, Fallout 4, Witcher 3 etc) at low/mid with 30 or more fps, i am fine with 30 fps gaming even at 720, though i would do prefer more,but its fine. So i searched alot and found 5-6 Low Profile Cards which fit in my PC and would work.
1: Gt 710 2 GB LP (GDDR5) 40 bucks
2: Radeon R7 240 4GB (GDDR3) 80/70 Bucks
3:Gt 1030 2 GB OC 110 bucks
4:R7 460 (not sure if LP) 2GB
5:Nvidia Gtx 650 1 GB GDDR5 55 bucks (2GB version 85bucks)
I can`t remember the other ones, But they`re around same, i wanted to go for 1050 LP but its too overpriced atm.
P.S: yes ik these are low end cards, and yes ik i won`t get too much of a increase, i expect to have a decent gameplay for games, like 30 fps 720p is fine by me, I will upgrade PC soon as well,so what i need is some card which i can use for games atm, some budget LP card,I talked to R7 240 4GB guy he is willing to give it to me for 60 bucks.
And if there`s any PSU which i can put in this Desktop or any kind of upgrade which will work on this Desktop i`d love to hear those suggestions, I wanted to make it Full Tower but i`m not sure if you can do that with HP factory builds, If it supports any PSU upgrade or if i can use this CPU and put in to another Mobo (gaming) or anything like that, please let me know!
Thanks! Looking forward for help with this!
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Oct 22, 2016
see if you can find the gtx 650 with 4gb and go with that and buy another 8gb ram for it also. But I don't know if you have enough power to run it. If you blow it up you can get another for $94 though. I would just buy a newer pc and be done with it. Honestly any pc would be an upgrade. I am not trying to be a smart azz.
Jul 17, 2018

yes, ik the replies from other thread, that didn`t help,this one is for suggestions for LP cards, which can run in my PC
Thanks for merging that thread too!
Jul 17, 2018

Yes i understand that well, i know it well, Its as i said, I will be getting new PC like 2 months from now or 1 month, But i want to be able to play ESO in that system so looking for any LP card which will do the JOB i just need a little improvement, My intel hd 2500 plays it on high/low > 20 fps and while doing raids its 15-13 fps, i just need a little improvement over intel hd 2500, i`m looking for that kind of card, idk if i should get R7 240 4gig.
Also the shop keeper i got this system from said that if i want this to be in tower, he can give me same one in tower for another 40 bucks, i can use a 500 Watt PSU with that, will that work?