Question Which Graphics card to buy 2022


Oct 23, 2012

I am from India, I need help in finding right graphics card for my Desktop, currently my GPU is dead (Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHz OC 1GB DDR5).

My PC configuration

Mother Board - Gigabyte Z170x - Gaming 3 (rev 1.0) DDR4 LGA 1151
Processor - Intel i5 6500 LGA 1151 3.20GHz
RAM - G. Skill Ripjaws V Series DDR4 8GB (2 RAMs, total 16GB)
OS - Windows 10 64 Bit
SMPS – corsair 550W (2018 model)
Monitor - Samsung 24 Inches.

My budget for Graphic card is INR 20,000/- (USD $250)
I want to play games like, Far Cry 6 and Age of Empires 4

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I would try to find a second hand 2xxx series Nvidia. Something like a RTX 2070. Prices have fallen in the USA, that being said I am not sure about india
Jun 8, 2022
If you're looking for something cheaper and relatively new (2019) a GTX 1650 brand new is around $215 USD I believe

It'll run games like
valorant (120+ fps high settings)
GTA v (60-80fps medium settings)
Far cry 6 (55-75 fps low settings)
Age of empires IV (70+fps medium settings)

I personally use a gtx 1650 and I find it quite good for the price
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you live in india check aliexpress for a i7 for your motherboard. almost any modern card will be loads better than your old card... 1050ti or better is about to be night and day for you.570/580/hell even an older card like 280x is gonna be magic.

gtx1060/70/1650gddr6 ... its all gonna be heaven for you.