Which Graphics Card? (Yes another one(



I'm sure you have all heard this before. I am a 3D artist, and I need a computer to use at home. I don't do much gaming.

I mainly use:
Adobe Premier

then the usual, like Firefox and Itunes.

I am purchasing an HP from Staples:

AMD Athlon II 635 Quad-Core Processor
4GB Ram DDR3
750GB HD
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

It only comes with crappy onboard graphics, and I have a brand new PSU to throw in there. I will probably bump the ram to 6 or 8gb, and throw in a spare HD I have. I just need a new graphics card.

I am looking to spend around $140. I want the most out of my money, and moreso looking into a gaming card that will work well with Maya. The workstation cards at this price level all perform very poorly.

I am a character animator, so I do not have very complex scenes, although I do some rendering and compositing, but not high-level stuff.

The Maya hardware list is useless, since anything reasonably priced is ether not reviewed, or performed poorly.

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