Question Which headset and mouse should I get?

Mar 21, 2020
For my headset, I need some good surround sound as I am a gamer and sound is key in the game I play (rainbow six siege). It doesn't matter if the mic on the headset is bad or doesn't have one because I have a blue yeti. I like wired headphones and I game for long hours. I love hyper X headsets because of the designs they have. I am looking for a headset around £120 and I can go above if it is worth it. I currently have the Astro A10 headphones and they seem to do no good in the game. The surround sound just isn't there for me. I'm thinking of buying the hyper x cloud mix but i need more confirmation to buy it and to see if its good.
For the mouse, my aim currently feels trash and I blame it on the mouse. My mouse currently has a bad design and doesn't help me at all especially as the only 2 buttons are hard to press, so I need a better mouse to improve my aim too. I'm not looking for a mouse with 20 buttons but i would like a good amount of buttons. I prefer wired mouses too. Maybe hyper x too to match the headset, not quite sure. Idk how much to spend on a mouse but they aren't too pricey. I have a GXT XRAY mouse currently.
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