Which is bad MB, CpPU, Power Supply


Dec 2, 2011
Assembled a new computor:
Asus P8H67 M Pro
I3 3.10gh
G Skill DDR3 1333
Silverstone 500W power

On first start up the board system detected overvoltage and went into protect mode. for reference voltages in the BIOS read:
CPU 2.04
3.3V = 2.86
5V = 10.2
12V= 24.48
RMA'ed the power supply and got a new one today. Same issue on boot withe the following readings:
CPU = 2.41
3.3V = 2.416
5V =6.80
12V = 8.8

While these are better they are still out. Also no drives are being detected so it does not try to boot to the windows install disk.
Which Item do I try to fix. The BIOS is American Megatrends and I'm sure of all connections

I agree. Sounds like the Voltage Regulator on the board is faulty. Or the code that reports the voltages is bad. Either way, RMA the board for a new one.