which is best Networking cable

It depends what devices you are networking, how far, where, etc?
If you have 1 GB/s devices then Cat 5e should be enough.
If you have 10 GB/s devices then go up the ladder to Cat 6 (not to exceed 180 ft / 55 meters in length)
$100 Monster Cable oxygen free nano silver strands..... KIDDING!

ANY, I mean ANY CAT5e, 6, 6a, whatever cheapest. Just don't buy from eBay unless solid copper specified, lots of fake CCA (copper clad aluminum) floating there.
depends if it's a patch cable or running to keystones.

I'd recommend monoprice cat6a 22-23awg, keystones, and patch panel all UTP UL listed CMR.

patch cables don't matter nearly as much. you can buy them premade on monoprice as well or crimp your own cat5e from a long patch cable. if you need 10g get cat6a cables otherwise it's not worth the extra cost. i don't recommend trying to crimp for 10G. if running POE check the cable rating.