Which is best to choose


Nov 8, 2011
Hi Guys,

I am thinking of buying nvidia geforce gtx 580 sli so i am confused what will be the best whether i choose watercooled or air cooled cards . your answer would be highly appreciated . thank you

Bikash kc
@ beenthere ; is this like a high chance ? Don't know much about watercooling only what i replied. A friend of my also has something against water and electricty ( not a good combo i know ) but are there a lot of people you know of who had the leaking problem ? I don't know people with watercooling so obviously i never heard.

@scapegoat ; had to google for that, never heard of it before :whistle: ( probably giving me that weird green Alien color )


There are no accurate statistics on water cooling leaks AFAIK but it only takes one leak to destroy your hardware and there are plenty of user reports in the forums of damaged hardware.

Water cooling does not really have any advantage for normal PC use. H2O cooling is more for a hobby for those who like to tinker with their PC. The better H2O systems cost far more than the value they deliver IME, so it's your call.


Oct 31, 2011
I can not stop you to having a sli for 580 ~ wow
however 580 is already best of the best card out there even it's single card running.
go head purchase one for now and later when price drop then go head buy one more for sli.