Which is better 4890 cross fire or single 5870?


well at the moment the 5870 is slightly slower than the 4870x2, so crossfired 4890s should be somewhat faster. But when they get the drivers tuned properly for the 5000 series, I'd guess single 5870 could very well be on top eventually... +dx11 :p


Jan 17, 2008
It depends what you consider better to be.

Will a 5870 play your games at the same res at higher frames than 4890 crossfired, NO. In that case people would say that it is not better.

Will it come close in frames per second performance to a crossfired 4890 and provide you with a lower power consumption and dx11 for future games, Yes. In that scenario, it is better.

So it boils down to what you determine to be better.
Quieter, less power, less heat, and higher minimum fps, DX11 feature set, and new driver improvments, and selling 1 4xxx card is easier than selling 2, which can be applied towards the 5870 cost, to make it only slightly more than a 4890, and you can CF the 5870s later on