Question Which is better and more overclockable?

Aug 10, 2020
Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz cl16 OR Crucial 3000mhz cl15? If the motherboard is msi b450 tomahawk max which says the memory can be overclocked to 4133mhz. They're both almost the same price where I'm looking at and the crucial has RGB too so I wanna get that but I'm not sure.

Edit: I'm gonna be getting a ryzen 5 3600 if that's relevant.
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They are almost identical in performance at stock, so get the one you like more/costs less.

As for overclocking.. i wouldn't, atleast not above the xmp profile.
overclocking ram is a very finicky process and is just not worth the 3-4% performance boost (at best.)
But, if you do want to go through that, i believe the corsair would be better, since tightening timings is easier than overclocking clock speed on ram.
I have the Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200 CL16 2x16gb on a B450 Tomahawk Max. My understanding is the non pro is the same RAM just with a smaller heat sink and no rgb. I managed to get mine to 3600mhz CL16 @ 1.40v and by pushing the voltage a little further I actually got 3733mhz but decided the extra voltage was not worth the negligible performance difference. If you Google Ryzen Memory Calculator you will find a very useful guide and tools to help with this, for me it worked. However this is overclocking so nothing is guaranteed, I could have been unlucky and got 0 overclock with a different kit of the same model RAM. The memory controller in the cpu also plays a part. My RAM also had better heat sinks.