Which is faster, 4gbs of pc38500 or 3gbs of 10600


Jan 17, 2012
Dell Inspiron 570,
64bit Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Athalon II x2 240 processor. 2.80 GHZ
Is that enough info or do you need more?

I have 2 2gig sticks of the 8500 and 3 1gig sticks of the 10600. I have the 3 gigs installed now.
2 x 2GB sticks would be faster without the other sticks inside. Or then if you were to buy one more 1GB stick of the same specs and add those 4 10600 1GB sticks inside without the 2x2GB one, then that would be faster.
AMD works on Dual Channel whereas Intel could have made use of the 3 sticks with triple channel.
But, all that stuff is going to make very little difference to the speed of the rig in the real world. The differences are as good as unnoticeable.