Feb 3, 2008
My system is less than 1 years old, which I had partially built. I had the only assistance of placing the mobo and CPU in the case and the rest was done by me.


it has 2 x 2TB drives as RAID0.
It has 1xSSD as OS boot.

It also has 1x500GB HDD
It also has 1x 3TB HDD

I have noticed for a while, every other few days I would get an eventlog:

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort7.


But the question is, how do I figure out if it is the HDD become faulty (and if so, which one?) or if its the mobo controller?

Any ideas? yes I have taken an image backup of the system using acronis (which in itself is a challange and prone to errors but lets not get into it) just in case but I really would like to know what physical HDD it is.

Many thanks