Which is more demanding Far Cry 3 or Battlefield 3?


Jun 8, 2011


Nov 11, 2012

You should surely Wait till 8000 series or GTX700

Or then, you can get a Cheaper 7000 or GTX600 series when Next-Gen arrives.
Far Cry 3 has been one of the more demanding games at the moment. There are just things you can't due to max out the game on mid level cards you need a card with real power to max things out. On the other hand with BF3 you have different series of cards that have come out through the time frame of when BF3 originally came out. So you are really comparing a older game which is weird saying and Far Cry 3 which has been new. If you look at this http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/far-cry-3-performance-benchmark,3379-7.html you'll see unless you are running a higher CPU you will probably run into frame issues which however as you see here http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/battlefield-3-graphics-performance,3063-13.html the cpu processing power for bf3 is a bit more lax and easier for most people to chomp down on. Far Cry 3 to me is the clear winner in take the demands and pushing hardware to the limit.

+1 to that. I'm in a similar situation to you, but I'm gonna wait. Not long now :) And plenty of easy-to-run stuff to play in the meantime that I missed at the time (gonna try Wolfenstein when I finish Dishonoured, and probably Far Cry 2 also).
He/she hasn't really said they are looking for a new card to deal with a more demanding game. I think its just for sake of argument this thread. I do agree though that the next gen cards will be the cards to really optimize these more recent games that have come out and the METRO game when it comes out soon.


Demanding doesn't mean better. GTA IV is incredibly demanding because its extremely unoptimized. I don't understand why Far Cry 3 is intensive, most of the textures are utter crap and textures like load within 15 metres of the player.

Big +1 to this. OP doesn't necessarily imply that's what they're thinking, but it's well-worth saying anyway. GTA4 was an absolute pig and Rockstar should be ashamed. Max Payne 3 was good stuff though, so hopefully GTA5 will be too.
Agreed! I'm hoping GTA5 won't be like GTA4 (interms of both gameplay and lack of optimisation). If it is like GTA4 though, CPU will be hugely important again. CPU is gonna become more important for high-end gaming anyway judging from Crysis 3 alpha benches - i5 and i7 are genuinely faster for it.

Go for it :) I really think it's worth waiting for GTX700 when we're talking about a matter of months now. Depends how urgently you want to play stuff like Far Cry 3 I guess - I don't mind waiting a couple of months after Crysis 3 launches to play it. Gives time for driver issues to be worked out and patches to be released too, which are good arguments for waiting a couple of months before playing a game anyway.

already created a poll....but with the wrong title unfortunately...(CPU instead of GPU)