Question Which is the best Ambient Lighting for a Monitor?


May 15, 2016
To clarify, I'm talking about the LEDs you install on the back of a pc screen that mimic the colours in real time.

I have recently given up on Lightpack as it was so temperamental. It worked great, however, the coverage of the LEDs on the back of my Ultrawide was poor and it was messy due to the excess wires. More importantly, half of time the device just couldn't connect to my PC for reasons unknown.

Then I tried NZXT's Hue 2 V2. What a crushing disappointment. It all went on great but had a terrible refresh rate. It would flicker between every transition of colour. Then there was the CAM software. Completely featureless and buggy. The lights didn't even work untill you physically launched the software and then traversed the menus to turn on a setting that was already on, despite it starting on launch automatically. I spoke to NZXT and they said it was a known bug. Something I can't tolerate, I'm afraid, especially amongst everything else.

I then purchased a much cheaper version (apparently call Adalight. It doesn't mention this name at all until you install the software) which didn't work at all.

Are there any suggestions for good ambient lighting? I don't even mind if it's a bit expensive. I love the effect and I'm so disappointed it doesn't seem to be a more prevalent piece of tech.