Question Which is the best AMD X670 series Motherboard for Linux OS

Nov 26, 2022
I am planing on building a new computer, having the AMD X670 series Motherboard. The three motherboards I am considering are the ASRock, Asus and Gigabyte; they're generally known to out-perform others,. But when reading each of the manuals, they all say “Windows” for the Operating System; however I need to run Linux OS

Which of the above motherboards would be best used or modified to accommodate Linux, such as any settings in the BIOS (or “Flashing” it) and of course any concerns for driver and hardware conflicts.
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Linux, in most of it's flavors, supports X670 and B660 already. Doesn't really matter about which board or model or chipset unless you're looking to use ECC memory and then your options are limited.

So, obviously the quality and features offered by a motherboard usually, but not always, goes up with price, but in some cases you can get just as good of a board without spending unnecessarily.

What CPU are you planning to run? How much can you reasonably afford to put towards the board? What other hardware (graphics card, memory, storage devices, power supply, case, CPU cooler) are you planning to run with it?

What "flavor" of Linux, as in, what distro, are you planning to run?

There are probably very few if any settings in the BIOS you need to worry about specifically for Linux, even the "OS type" setting has been largely missing from BIOS settings on most of the recent boards from both Intel and AMD that I've worked on, but if your BIOS has the setting for selecting "Windows 10, other OS, etc." then choosing "other OS" would be recommended. If that setting is not present, which it probably isn't, then there probably isn't much else to be concerned with that you wouldn't have to be normally concerned with anyhow.

Might also want to watch this.


And then you'll find a bunch of Linux related articles here, right now primarily related to X670 and B660.
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