Which is the best graphic card

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Nov 6, 2011
Please tell me which is the best graphic card for play Battlefield 3. I already have ASUS Radeon HD 5450 DDR3. But the game is not playing very well. But I can play Crysis 2 & Black Ops very smoothly. My sys spec is,

2.5 TB HDD

I have a selected some Graphic Cards, but I don't know which is best for Battlefield 3. My friends are saying ATI Radeon is the best for playing games in AMD. But someones says that performance rating is goes to nvidia geforce. Please tell me which can I choose. My budget is maximum 4500 (Indian rupee).

Radeon HD 6770

Radeon HD 6750

Radeon HD 5670


Radeon HD 4670

Radeon HD 3870

nVidia GeForce GT 440

nVidia GeForce 9600 GT


Aug 5, 2011
if you want "BEST" performance get the asus gtx x2 580, but thats overkill, what resolution do you run it at, on your list the amd 6770 is the best gpu. Where do you live in india a amd 6770 cost $120 in us thats 5878.8000 rs. Just go with the amd 6770 hd i have the 6770mobile and I play bf3 at high at 1366x768

unbelievable upgrade ? so if the OP got HD 6970 it will be like he owned the world.
Don't see a benefit from upgrading from a low end GPU in the 5K series to a low end GPU from the 6K series.
And it depends on the resolution, for 1280x there's no incredible difference.
I have the 5450 and the 5770 there is no comparisson at all in any way at all.
5450 is in a media PC, It is unworthy of any gaming at all. Dx9 games from 2008 are not playable beyond med-low-1024x768..... turok and endwar. a 5770 can play virtualy everything full blast @ 1366x720.
LOL you guys sound like me. Anyway Ilysaml Your giving really terrible and wrong advice and usualy your bang on with most answers but what you are saying now sounds like crazy talk. One is a gaming card and one is not.

5770 has 10 times more shaders
about 200mhz on the core.
MEM bandwith for 5450 12.8GB/s. with DDR3
MEM bandwith for 5770 is 76.8 GB/s

The only problem that you don't see is that all i said it's not a huge upgrade. Never compared both cards. Because if i were in the place of OP i would consider at least a decent upgrade to the whole system with at least a mid range card such as HD 6790 or 6850
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What is your Power supply ? Of all the cards availble from this list the 6770 is the best.

If you do not have a 6pin PCIE connector a 5670 would be the best option.

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