Question Which is the best laptop for gaming?

Jul 8, 2019
I am a professional photographer and like photography. Also, I have an interest in playing games. So please anyone suggest a laptop which will be useful for both editing software and gaming. I prefer using Adobe photo and video editing software and I like playing CS: GO. So, I want a laptop which can run both these without lagging.


Really not an exact answer. All depends on what you are willing to pay for and what other features you are after.

Screen Size?
Refresh Rate?

These days, you can pick up any i5 or i7 laptop with a discrete Nvidia GPU (GTX1050 and up) and get away with playing CS:GO, not exactly a hard hitting game. But if you want 200FPS all the time, then you are going to want as much CPU clock speed as possible (Sticking with HQ and HK processor), and a high refresh rate screen. (Such a screen will not be that good for photo editing, as it will have poor color reproduction) Or you could opt for a nice IPS panel at 4K or something. To drive those types of displays will take a decent mid-range GPU like GTX1060 and up.

Your premium grade laptops are going to cost you several thousand dollars that have things like RTX2080 MaxQ and 1TB SSDs, superior keyboards and cooling.

If you are just going for absolute best, there are 'laptops' out there with full size desktop processors and mobile form factor desktop GPUs (Non-MaxQ).

You can safely ignore AMD offerings for the time being. New CPUs and GPUs will take a while to filter into the market and get reviewed. Though a Zen 2 + Navi system might actually be pretty decent in the coming months.