Which is the latest intel socket?


Dec 25, 2014

thank you very much friend... will that socket last through the years....im planing buying that kind of socket but my concern is..

will i be able to install a new cpu on it after 3 years lets say??
will intel release new processors on this socket so i can last like 5 years with it?
2011-v3 for the X99 chipset based CPU's (HEDT CPU's)
1150 for the Z97 chipset CPU's.

The following is the latest I could find on On the HEDT chips.

Intel HEDT Skylake-E in Q3 2016, Broadwell-E in Q1 2016
Intel’s roadmap also gives a update on their High-End desktop platforms. We know from past reports that Intel is launching Broadwell-E in Q1 2016 which will be support by the current X99 chipset based motherboards that feature the LGA 2011-3 socket.

The next update arrives in the form of Skylake-E that will launch in Q3 2016. No details are provided but it is expected that the platform will issue a new series of chipsets and a different socket layout as compared to X99.

Read more: http://wccftech.com/intel-processor-roadmap-leaked-10nm-cannonlake-skylakee-arrives-q3-2016-skylake-muy-chips-q4-2015/#ixzz3aJ2UBiYb

Broadwell, the next generation of CPU's is expected to be the final series of CPU's for the 1150 socket. These should be announced and released in June 2015. There will also be a Broadwell refresh in 2016 that probably will also use the 1150 socket.

Skylake, set to be released at the end of this year is expected to need a new socket (1151).