Question Which laptop is better for general use and light gaming?

Jun 7, 2022
Which laptop would be better for general use and light gaming?

I’m planning on buying a laptop mostly for general use but will also do some light gaming. I’ve found two laptops that are a similar price and was wondering which would perform better in games like Valorant, CSGO and Minecraft?

Laptop 1: Lenovo ideapad pro 14” WQXGA, Ryzen 5600u,
GeForce mx450,
16gb ram

Laptop 2: ASUs vivobook pro 14” 2.8k oled,
I5 11300h,
Gtx 1650,
8gb ram (not upgradable)
If gaming is important the 2nd one is better as it has a better gpu, the ram will be the bottleneck though. I would however get the first one if gaming is not that important as 8 gigs is very small by today's standard for gaming.