Setting aside budget as I expect that 60 dollars is not a deal breaker per se.

= = = =

What is relevant to your requirements: weight, ruggedness, warranty, expandability?

Write down your requirements and compare the laptops accordingly.

= = = =

What games do you play?

Compare the recommended hardware specs listed by each game to the laptop's respective specs.

Most software manufacturers provide some hardware requirements list in the form of minimal, recommended, and best.

You do not want minimal and you do want as much best as you can afford.

= = = =

Read laptop product reviews. Both good and bad postings or comments.

Go online and read the User Guide/Manual for each laptop. Pay attention to the fine print and warnings.

Also read the manufacturer's FAQs and Forum comments (if any). Look for what is said as well as what is not said.

= = = =

Consider what you would need to do if the laptop needs repairs. What will that entail with respect to where you live (not asking)? Qualified shops, parts, shipping, etc..

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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