Question Which laptop is more worth its money for a Computer Engineering student?


Sep 29, 2017
I am starting at a university in August studying computer engineering. Right now I am thinking about buying an HP Envy x360 13" or an HP Spectre x360 13" because 1: they're both 2-in-1s which I would prefer since I tend to switch between writing and typing notes and 2: they both have 16GBs of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. Also one of my family members have had a tremendous experience with her HP Spectre x360(2017 version) while studying, which is why I am leaning towards having an HP laptop.

Reason I am stuck between these two is because of the Spectre having an Intel Core i7-1065G7 and the Envy having an AMD Ryzen 7 -4700U . Both seem to be good CPUs but I hear conflicting reviews about their performance relating to multitasking and how much they need the laptop fans(which I care a bit about since the laptop I had in high school, the Dell Latitude 5580, was very loud even when only browsing chrome sometimes). The Envy x360 is quite cheaper and seems to offer the performance the Spectre x360 does, but I have never owned a computer with an AMD CPU which makes me a bit hesitant to buy the Envy x360.

Usage of the laptop will include school work such as programming and the occasional light gaming between classes.

So is the Envy more worth the money?

If you have a suggestion for a laptop more optimal than these two, I am open to hear them :)

Link to HP Envy x360 13":
Link to HP Spectre x360 13":