[SOLVED] Which laptop should I buy? Asus vs Acer

Jun 8, 2019
I want to buy a laptop for college (studying something similar to IT/software engineering), some video editing and some gaming.

Two options I found, with an i7-9750H, 1660Ti and 16GB Ram are:

Asus Rog Strix G GL531GU-WB74 (120Hz, 512GB SSD) (Newegg)
Acer Predator Helios 300 2019 version (144Hz, 256GB) (Amazon)

Which one would you recommend? The price difference is around 10% (the Asus is more expensive) I believe, but I'd be willing to spend a bit more if it's better.
Which one do you think has better thermal performance? Which one do you think will be more reliable? Is Asus a better brand than Acer?

I can't find information in Asus' website about that laptop. Why is that? Is it discontinued or what?
Also, the price seems a bit low. Is it some kind of refurbished unit or something? Or is it safe to buy it?

I've also read that MSI is a better brand for gaming, and its thermal performance and overall performance is better. Is that true?
Is there any laptop (whether it's MSI or any other brand) you can recommend, for preferably around or under $1100?

Thanks in advance.
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