[SOLVED] Which Laptop should I buy ? Surface Pro/6/Go

Sep 30, 2018
I am in market on getting a new laptop, mainly for visual studio, arduino, MySQL, Azure, Java etc.
Now I do have a heavy duty Acer Predator that works like a charm, however I am looking into something more portable. Secondly i have a Surface Pro 4 i5, that this new laptop will be replacing. I have already decided I will stick to the Surface Line Up however I am perplexed on which one to buy. I have found these deals.

Surface Go and Type Cover: 8gb Ram 128gb $550

Surface Pro 5th Gen and Type Cover: Intel M3, 4gb Ram, 128gb $550

Or should i just invest another 150$ to get a Pro 6, at 699$ and just cough up another 130$ for the type cover?

Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks.


MS Surface Go would be a downgrade.

The Microsoft 5 Pro is nice but doesn't sound great for that price.

It's got 7th gen Core m3 which is more or less equivalent to an i3-6100U.

I would any day recommend to get the Pro 6 as it's newer and has a quad core cpu which is almost two times as powerful as the m3.

Type cover is optional but you will buy it eventually.