Question Which Laptop would you recommend for daily use and gaming with these criteria?


May 8, 2014
Hello, I will be possibly starting work in the near future so I would be needing a mobile good laptop computer for everything since I am usually not in one place. I am also gaming (usually higher end games) as well as doing graphic design jobs on the side when needed (possibly will be needed for the work too) so I was wondering which laptop would be recommended considering the above? I am looking for something that is value for the price while at the same time being able to serve for gaming. I play all kinds of games from no man's sky to the witcher 3, indie titles and so on, smite for online as well as currently elden ring.



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Budget is going to play a big part here. Value for money is a bit relative. If you get 10 FPS for $100 and 60FPS for $1000. the 10FPS is the better 'value' on a dollar per frame basis....

You should be able to find some 3050, 11th or 12th Gen i5 and 8GB options for <$1,000. Should really be shooting for 16GB minimum these days, but costs can be disproportionate to upgrading the RAM - if a particular laptop allows, quite a few are soldered these days (especially thin & light)
Example: laptop&cm_re=3050_laptop-_-34-156-092-_-Product&quicklink=true

Can just about squeeze in 16GB + 3060 for $1k too. laptop&cm_re=3060_laptop-_-34-233-514-_-Product