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Question which liquid cooler performs better?


Apr 14, 2016
Hey guys,
I want to ask few questions and I hope you answer them for me :D
am planning on getting ryzen 4th gen (4700x or sth) and I want to cool it with an aio and I was confused between 3 coolers;

Cooler master ML240L V2 rgb
Deepcool castle 240 V2 rgb
NZXT Kraken X52 240mmm

I liked the new ML240L V2 rgb at first when I saw the thicker radiator, 3rd gen pump and separated pump chambers for cool and hot waterflow but when I saw some benchmarks for it on youtube; it's thermal performance wasn't as I expected, it even was so close to the older ML240L version so I was bit disappointed because I was planning on getting this cooler.
the deepcool one I saw some good benchmarks about it and liked the anti-leak tech inside it.
I saw the NZXT X52 has an offer on it which made it eye catcher and many people had good reviews about it but to be honest I never tried NZXT in liquid coolers (not saying they're bad ofc)
I also wanted to know their max tdp but I couldn't find this infos on their websites so if you know their max tdps and tell me which one will handle ryzen 4th gen while heavy recording, gaming and ocing? and which one of them is better in thermal performance?
Thanks <3