Question Which liquid cooler would best fit a AMD Ryzen 7 7700X
Here are my recommendations. If your budget is lower then I’d look at a different platform. GPU will make way more difference in gaming so you don’t really need a 7700x, ESPECIALLY if gaming at 1440p/4k.

CPU cooler at 360mm is a good choice. Deepcool castle coolers are effective.

Buying DDR5, I’d get 6000Mt/s or just get a DDR4 platform.

Radeon 6800xt is cheaper than the 3070 you had picked and MUCH faster in gaming. If you need to adjust the price let me know. You’re probably better off with a 12400f/5600x DDR4 system if just gaming and you need to lower the price.


The problem with the 7700x isn't cooler size, any 360mm AIO will work well in that respect. The problem is finding one currently that actually works with AM5 mounting system.

With AM5, the height of the socket/cpu changed, so while AM4 coolers physically mount to AM5 just fine, they don't provide very good contact with the cpu, so you get very high temps. Aio vendors are working on brackets specifically for AM5, but as yet it's hit or miss as to whether they have one available. Afaik, NZXT and EK has one, just got to show proof of AM5 motherboard purchase and they'll send one free of charge. Not sure on anyone else.

Much depends on the actual mounting system. Some actually, supposedly, are AM4/AM5 compatible as is.
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Ok so I tryed to make a new build and came up with this build under 850 I think there are some items I can change but want to see if they are good or not.
Also would a Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card be better then the card there?
6700xt is fine. 5600 is fine. 214xt is fine. Motherboard is pretty cheap but should be fine. Silicone power is garbage. Thermaltake PSU not recommended. Case no airflow