Which mb for my gaming build ?


Jun 16, 2007
Looking to build a decent system to play the latest games for the next couple/few years at close to max settings as possible on my 1440x900 19" monitor. My current 6+ year old AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 1 gig ram geforce 6600 has got ta go!

Note: I won't be running SLI, I don't need Wifi, firewire or Raid.

- E6420 (OC to 3/3.2ghz)
- G.skill DDR2 800 (so I can OC at 1:1 by just increasing CPU FSB - and this RAM instead of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 because I hear G.skill better OC'er)
- 8800 GTS 640
- Corsair 520HX
- Thermalright 120 extreme
- WD Raptor 75gig
- P180b (same as 182 except case appearance)

But which MB? I hear the DS3 nb and sb run really hot when OC'd, does the ASUS do this?

I'm not concerned with future proofing, so I don't need the P35 unless it OC's better and has better memory performance.

Appreciate any help this is the hardest decision yet!