Nov 29, 2007
I recently picked up a core 2 quad core combo from FRY's. I want to change out the MB since its a micro ATX and only uses 667 mhz RAM.

I am thinking about using this ram from egg.

But im confused as to which MB to use. I want to spend around $100 US if possible. A bit more if its something worth while. I don't OC, so that isn't important to me. I want something stable and as fast as possible with stock settings.

I have a 8600 GT ( ) coming so it needs to be PCIe as well.

The gigabyte p35-DS3L is pretty good for around $92 plus shipping at newegg. For memory, gigabyte lists several brands, including corsair and adata, which work with this board. I would go ahead and get 2 gigs and mail in the rebate forms. I've gotten all my rebates from venders at newegg and Fry's. The adata is a bargain at about $29 after rebate. Remember also, that your memory may run at a slower speed if overclocking. Check the recommended voltage, and set it immediately at the first post. The gigabyte defaults at about 1.8 volts; I would bump it up to about 2.0.