Mar 20, 2010
Hey guys, Im a nooby, so plz excuze my dumbness.

Got a Xeon E5520 CPU and I want to build a killer gaming rig. Was wondering what mobo's I can use with this chip, or should I sell the chip and get something else ?? I want to use GTX260 and unsure what p/s to use.
Any advice would be appreciated

He is right it is a server chip. But it will still be a good processor for gaming it is basically an I7. Now it does have a relatively low clock speed of 2.26 I dont see no problems in getting it up around 3.2GHZ overclocked.

It Should do just fine in this board.
ASUS P6T WS PRO LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Core i7 / Xeon Intel Motherboard

And the good thing about this board it will allow you to move on to a higher clocked I7 or even get the I7 980X with this board. To be honest the selection for boards for that chip are slim but this ASUS I posted will be a good board for a gaming rig.

Will also post the list that says it will work on this ASUS board.