Which memory on a 1066FSB>


Jul 13, 2007
Hi. I'm going to be building a new gaming computer and need some advice. I'll be getting a core 2 duo processor with a 1066mhz fsb and want to know if getting ddr2-800 ram will be a mistake. I've heard that having ddr2-533 ram is preferable seeing that it kinda matches evenly with 1066 because its clock speed of 266 is the same as the cpu clock speed. Would using ddr2-800 be slower seeing that the clock speeds are not even multiples of each other?
Also, can anyone tell me if this:
supports more than ddr2-800? It doesnt have anything higher listed in it's memory standard, but does that mean you cannot use faster?


Well if you dont overclock or change the fsb:ram ratio, the ddr2-800 will run at 533 speeds just fine. You could even tighten the memory timings a little bit making it faster.
But the 800 allows easier overclocking since you can increase the fsb by 50% without effectively overclockin the memory, so the memory wont cause any stability issues