Question Which memory setup is better?


Sep 21, 2018
So i got 1 2666 mhz 8 gb stick, and 2 8 gb g skill 3200 mhz.
Which is better for gaming and fps?
24 gb 2666 mhz or 16 gb 2933 mhz? ( with the two g skill ram)
And Ryzen 7 3800x, RTX 2060
Motherboard Asus Prime b450-plus
Practically none of today's games benefit from having more than 16GB of RAM, at least if you're not multitasking with web browsers open and videos playing and such while gaming. So, 2x8GB of DDR4-3200 will almost certainly be the better option currently. Otherwise, the additional, slower RAM will just be sitting there not doing anything but slowing down the RAM that's actually getting used, and potentially causing instability due to differences between the RAM modules. I suspect there will be more benefit from having more than 16GB sometime in the coming years, but even then, you would probably want a matched set of identical RAM modules at the higher speed totalling 32GB for optimal performance and stability.