Which Memory Should I choose?


Jul 17, 2002
Ok, I'm building a new system. I choosen the Athlon XP 1700+(1.67ghz) and the MSI KT3 Ultra. Now up to memory...
I have a choice between the various brands and either PC2100 or PC2700.
Now I plan to use this computer as a home type PC. I don't really do any heavy graphics programs. The pc will primarly be used for college. Yes, I do game, but only CS and WCIII (those games don't require much, my piii 933 is running it fine). Anyway can somebody answer the following questions, thx! I really don't want to spend over $130 on Ram.

Will I need 512mb or should I go with 256mb?

PC2100 or PC2700?
PC2700 256mb generally costs about $5-$6 dollers more than PC2100 256mb of the same brand.

Does brand matter?
I see "generic" brand. From my experience not all things that say generic is bad, but I am no memory expert here. I am currenly deciding on either Generic, PNY, or Micron. Generic being the most inexpensive. Below I've compiled a list. From your exprience, tell me which is the best.

Does those nice shiny heatsinks on the memory do anything?
The generic brand comes with memory heatsinks and Im wondering if they do anything.

What does the voltage mean?
I see voltage = 2.5, voltage=3.3
My motherboard supports voltage 2.5, is voltage 3.3 backward compatible?

Here are the prices I got off the Internet
256mb Generic $65
256mb Micron $75
512mb Generic $109
512mb PNY(CAS 2.0) $145
512mb Micron $147

256mb Generic $67
256mb Micron/Spectek(with Heatsink) $71
512mb Misubishi $120
512mb Generic(with Heatsink) $127

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Mar 18, 2002
you get what you pay for go for micron is the most compatable as well as best all around. Anther good one is samsung but get the branded stuff if you can afford it. Ex generic chip sometimes may even use good chips but the other chips EPROM etc.. are copermised/less overclockable / less bandwith. I am useing Crutial 512 ddr W/Micron Chips $150 . When i used to work for a local pc comanpy as lead tech I noticed micron worked in most boards. The manufacture of you boad should have a reccomended list. anther thing generic usally has 1 year or less warranty VS. branded w/Lifetime warranty. If ya gotta cut corners go with oem micron 512 probubly pic it up for around $110 on pricewatch.com

IF your useing windows xp use 512
The heat sinks are needed if your gonna over clock otherwise they are over rated they are thee just to look cool. Useally only drop temp just 1C / 3F
Votage u wana use 2.5 volt chip that is the standard, 3 volt chips are rare and a 3.3 Might work in a 2.5 but chips dont work properly under less votage!! so stick with the 2.5V

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