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Dec 25, 2009
I am building my first system.

I will be using an Intel Core i5-650 (3.2 GHz) CPU.

I will also be using an ASUS motherboard.

I was looking up the ASUS Qualified Vendor List of memory modules that are compatible with the MOBO. I am having some problems:

1. It lists memory modules that are compatible with CPU's running at 2.93GHz. What about faster CPU's like my 3.2GHz core i5-650?

2. Their motherboard manuals state that the MOBO's support up to 16GB of RAM, however none of the listed compatible memory modules are in 16GB configurations. They don't even list 8GB configs.

I tried to contact ASUS support, but they want serial numbers, etc. I haven't purchased the motherboard yet, so I can't give them a S/N.

How do i go about selecting memory modules given the above constraints?



Nov 11, 2010
1. From my understanding, the 2.93GHz clock speed of the CPU is what you need to operate the RAM at the rated speed. For example, a 2.2GHz CPU would not be able to use the RAM as efficiently as a 2.93GHz processor. A faster processor = a more efficient ability to utilize the RAM's rated speeds.

2. They can't list every single model of RAM, just the most common ones. Just because the 8GB kits are uncommon does not mean that it is incompatible. Besides, most computers don't utilize over 4GB of RAM these days anyway. That's essentially why they did not list the 8GB kits.
What ASUS MOBO are you considering? Are you going to be doing any Rendering? What OS are you going to install e.g. Windows 7 64-bit?

Generally for most users 4GB is recommended for 64-bit and 2GB for 32-bit.

You have three way to determine compatible RAM: 1. Certified {QVL} list per MOBO, 2. Tested list per RAM Mfg, 3. Approved listed per RAM Mfg via Ticket. Please note 4GB sticks require verification of one of the three methods; often the BIOS updates address 4GB RAM incompatibilities.

I should add, with the i5 6xx I probably would recomend 1333 MHz RAM unless you plan to OC.

Corsair Tested {input your MOBO}: http://www.corsair.com/configurator/default.aspx

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