Question Which Mini ITX case has the best thermal temperatures?

Apr 15, 2019
The system I am currently running is starting to feel clunky already (I have an Intel 4770k with a GTX 970) and I have been running this system for several years now, it served me well... but the mistake I made was that I purchased an ATX Super Tower (Corsair Obsidian 900D) for this system thinking that I was going to do water cooling but I ended up never doing water cooling and just sticking to air cooling so this time around I want something that is more compact that I can play games on and that wont take up too much space without sacrificing thermal temperatures for the components inside the case while gaming

I want to be able to run at least a GTX 1080 or a GTX 2070 graphics card on the case and get decent temperatures, is there any Mini ITX case that can do that with good temperatures or would I have to go for a larger case? Im also thinking of switching from Intel to AMD for the CPU this time (im eager to try Ryzen).


The Metallic Gear NEO is a nice ITX case but requires additional fans to maximize cooling performance (I'd go Be Quiet Pure 2 120mm if you don't want RGB) and a fan hub as most ITX boards only have like 1, maybe 2 chassis fan connectors.

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The 4770K is still a excellent CPU but if you want to try Ryzen wait a couple of months for the 3rd gen to release (rumor early July) as there's more cores/threads but more importantly better single core performance and higher clock speeds.
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