Which Mobo for 6600 G0


Oct 1, 2007
Hiya Guys

I am a bit lost when it comes to motherboards.

I am building a new PC, and the compnants I know I want are :

Pentium Quad Core 6600 G0 2.4Ghz Processor.
Geforce 8800GTS 640mb Graphics.

The rest is up for discussion.
What I want is to be able to overclock the CPU slightly, as I hear the G0 version is good for this.

I'll be running 2 SATA hard drives, and an IDE DVD drive.
I don't really care about SLi, as i'll probably be upgrading in about 3 years.

So the best motherboard to last for 3 years, with memory upgrades.
Any recommendations?

Oh, and I wanna keep the cost down!
A midrange Asus P-35 Mobo, DDR2 800 Ram, and a good CPU cooler ($50~60). You'll get a lot of replies for the Gigabyte mobo's too, and they *are* very nice. Just that I found their Bios to be less than self-explanatory.

Load up, CPU Multi to 8, FSB to 400 = 3.2Ghz And your RAM will be at 1:1. I have a different Mobo, so YMMV, but my rig even does this on stock voltages.


Sep 26, 2006

Agreed on the BIOS comment. I used to use nothing but Asus, then switched to Gigabyte p35c-ds3r and am overall very happy with it. It has OCed like a champ but the BIOS is far from simple when compared to Asus's.