Jan 22, 2022
I'm building my list right now and I'm currently stuck between 3 motherboards that I'm thinking of going with.

Asus ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WIFI
Gigabyte B650 Aorus Pro AX
Gigabyte B650 Gaming X AX

I'm thinking about going with one of the Gigabyte ones since the Gaming one is the cheapest but it also doesn't support as many memory speeds as the other two boards. The Aorus board also doesn't support nearly as many memory speeds as the Asus one but does offer 6600 mhz specifically which neither of the other two do. But I'm not not sure just how much more important that extra 200 mhz is so I'm not sure if its worth going for because of that. The last one is the Asus board which supports the largest variety of memory speeds but I also don't know if that makes enough of a difference to choose it over the other boards.
It doesn't matter about the memory speed because you're not going to see any benefit using any memory kit above 6000mhz on that platform anyhow. You will in fact likely see either a loss of performance from the infinity fabric penalty or if using multiple 2 or more DIMMs, potentially a reduction in maximum supported memory speed or just plain problems in general. Do not pick a board for the Ryzen 7000 series based on memory speed, because you're going to see the same optimal memory speed support on the majority of boards for Ryzen 7000 series no matter the chipset.

Personally, my recommendation would be for, in that tier and price range, the Aorus Elite AX which is a bit less expensive than the Pro AX but much better quality and features than the Gaming X AX, but if that is not available to you then I'd say the Pro AX is a good second choice. I'd avoid the B650E-F Gaming WiFi as it's clearly overpriced for what you are getting in comparison and the Gaming X AX as it's just an inferior product to the other two. If those three are the only choices you can consider, then the Pro AX would be my choice hands down but the Elite AX has basically about everything the Pro AX has for about thirty bucks less.
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That's right... 6000mhz is the sweet spot for Ryzen 7000 series. I have seen many reports of instability above that.
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