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Which motherboard should I buy for 2700x?

Nov 2, 2018
I usually never ask the internet for help because I rather do the research myself, but this time i really need help from you guys!

So I'm looking to build a new PC for myself with 2700x, 3200MHz of ram and Asus GTX 1080 ti Strix, BUT the motherboard is the hard part here because there are tons of options to pick from. My budget is about 130 - 160 €. I would preferably like the motherboard to be black with RGB lighting and have good VRM.

I was thinking about the Asus ROG Strix x470 F-Gaming or the MSI b450 gaming Pro Carbon AC. I'm also thinking about starting overclocking.

FYI: both motherboards are roughly the same price where I live.

Thanks for advance! :)
The x470 chipset is the higher end chipset over the b450. It will have better VRM's and overclocking potential. But the B450 still supports overclocking and is not a bad choice. But if all things are equal, go with the x470 board.

The Asus F-Gaming is a good x470 board. I also like the ASRock Taichi and the Gigabyte Gaming 5 as those should be in your price range.

For b450 boards, I like the MSI Tomahawk. It is a solid midrange board that should not break the bank. So if it is a good bit cheaper than the other x470 boards, it may be a good choice.

As far as overclocking, Ryzen CPUs are not the best overclockers, they just seem to hit a wall. And if you are gaming, in many cases overclocking hurts CPU performance because the way these CPUs boost. Most games rely on fast single threads, so the 2700x will boost only 1 or 2 cores higher than all eight cores can be boosted. This will improve gaming performance. However, if you overclock the 2700x, the turbo feature is deactivated. Where you can get an all core OC of say 4.2 ghz but the turbo of single and dual cores will go higher. Basically, these CPUs overclock themselves. Now if you are performing workstation task that use multiple threads, then the all core clock speed increase will be a big help.

So with that being said, spending extra money on a mobo, may not help much, if any, in performance in gaming. You may do better by going with a decent b450 midrange board such as the Tomahawk and spending the money saved on a really nice aftermarket cooler. While the 2700x has a great stock cooler, there are better options which will allow your CPU to turbo to higher speeds using XFR.


Nov 16, 2014
Taichi no doubts, has the best VRM implementation and it's loaded with features.
My X370 taichi is still running strong, overclocked all the time and no issues what so ever. If you can get afford the X470 Taichi, for it.

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