Which motherboard should I buy?


Oct 5, 2017
hey whats up friends? I am between two motherboards the ASUS Prime B350-Plus and the GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3(I read that this had problems with the bios updates but I do not know if they were already solved). My processor is a ryzen 1700x and my gpu a gtx 1080 and I am also thinking to buy a cooler noctua U12S and a ddr4 3000 for ram, I think I would stay with either of these two b350 and not with an x370 because I do not think do extreme overclocking that puts my cpu at risk and of course if I need to overclock maybe when a lot reaches 4 ghz or less. Which of the two motherboards is better? or if there is a better option is welcome, or with this processor it is better to go with an x370?, thanks a lot.

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