Question Which Motherboard should i choose, AsRock H61M-HVGS or ASUS Sabertooth x58?

Feb 14, 2020
I recently got my hands on some PC parts that a friend gave to me, first i will share my current PC specs:

-Mobo: AsRock H61M-HVGS
-RAM: 8GB Ramaxel
-CPU: i5-2400 @ 3.10GHz

My friend gave me this:
Mobo: Sabertooth x58
-GPU: GTX 550 Ti 1GB
-CPU: i7-950

I was thinking of staying with the Sabertooth with the i7-950 because this way i can get more RAM since it already has 12GB (2x4GB and 2x2GB) with a total of 6 RAM slots (24GB of RAM is the max supported by that mobo), i also know the i7-950 and the i5-2400 are very similar in performance (Of course the i5 has the advantage) with the difference that the i7-950 has 2 Threads per core. The problem is that if i stay with the Sabertooth mobo, i would be stuck with 1st Gen, and with my current mobo i could upgrade to an i7-3370k or something like that.

Should i just sell the Sabertooth x58 with all it has and buy two 8GB sticks so i have 16GB of RAM and the i7-3370k for my current mobo? I'm from Venezuela and selling PC parts takes a lot of time since most people want to rip you off and pay way less of what is really worth.


While the Sabertooth was a better board )in its day), your Asrock board/i5-2400, RX 480is a much better gaming rig. And like you say, it can be upgraded to perform better than the Sabertooth could ever be. Besides, the extra 4GB RAM isn't that important.

So, either give it back to your friend and say thank you. Or if he doesn't want it, sell or recycle it. If replacing the RAM is important to you, sell it.