Which motherboard should I get for i7-2600?


Dec 21, 2011
Hi, I am building a new system mainly for high performance, I am very new at this and this is my first system build. I will not be overclocking the processor and hence I choose the 2600, though, I would like to know/have advice on the following issues which are bothering me.

1>Intel i7-2600 has "Turbo Boost" feature, is it dependant on motherboard? If yes, which one should I get to avail it?

2>I am planning to buy a nvidia gtx 560 ti graphics card, I searched nvidia forums about that graphic card and found that it have decent amount of problems associated with it. Is that graphics card is really worth for the value and performance?

3>I have looked over several Asus`s motherboards. (P67 m-pro and Z68).
I thought, I would go with the H67 first, but later I read somewhere that the turbo boost feature is not available in H67, is it true?
If it is true, and if I am not going to buy any SSD or not going to use any transcoding, encoding apps, Would it be fine to go with P67 chipset?

4>Does Z68 have any issues, I mean performance issues with dedicated graphics card? In a chart somewhere posted on this forum, I read that it is recommeded to use inernal graphics with z68 rather than discrete one.

5>Which power supply I should use, I calculated that I would be needing approximately 505watts of power..

Also, Is it true that overclocking reduces the processor`s life? how much approx? Is it really worth to do it?

In short, here are my would be system specs:

Processor: i7-2600
Graphics card: nvidia GTX560 Ti
Motherboard: advice needed.
Power supply: advice needed.

Stock processor cooler.

I am waiting eagrly for your responses, thanks in advance.